This Weeks Finds

Will Umber peeps. In a perfect world maybe.{Selkin}
Encen Opulence {Ence}
Parti Queen. Ever they follow the woman first.  {Akow}

Meg {The Princess}
Little girls grow up.... {Selkin}
The Opera Circus {Ence}
Rebecca and her Highwayman {The High Prince}
Traditional Mischief clothing {Ence}
Some inventions were best left unthought of. {The Princess}
Tibiri Traditional dress {Tibiri}
Tibiri Horse {Akow}
Meg, Watching for a ship. {The Princess}
Beatrice {Jarece}
Early 12th century, Ence {Ence}
12th Century Ence Gown {Ence}
Biscann Dress 11th century {Selkin}
9th century Ence Hair Style {Queen Mother}
Biscann woman around 800 {Selkin}
Dulce {Akow}

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  1. Oh, the pictures are all gorgeous! I love the 9th century Ence hairstyle and the Biscann dress from the 11th century!