Sioa is not happy 
Rasamanda spying
Some will rise
Some will fall... 

Said of Cartney

Elliot ain't giving up


Sybil and Jorge

Sir Dinidan

Lance concept
Sybil the queen
Lance looking more like a "kitchen boy" than Cartney ever did

Sybil character cast
Lywin at the stake
Don't be silly Lance

Riding into battle
Take notice Kay

The lady of the Lake-Sea
Wedding Dress
First kiss

She had trained so hard for this moment...the moment she had hoped would never come.
Lywin going back
Pretend that's Annike
Lywin spinner of Gold

Katrine. Cinder girl.
Great responsibility
Last chance lywin
Tell that to Guinevere
Kay and Katrine 
See? I'm the lady of the lake too!
Athur and Sybil
Athur-little Brother 
Lywin learning
Athur and Sybil
No dungeon deeper than her dispair

Rasamanda on Daphne
Yup. That's Rasamanda
In her dark tower
Sybil sewed though she could not see
She was a sword maiden
Rasamanda in tower
Rapunzel/Rasamanda the legend lives
Look what we found, Kay!
Lywin at the last minute
Finding Jorge

For me?
Seeing for the first time

I thank you all!

And in the end...
Lywin happy to have forgotten LOVE the dress

Rasamanda, Sword maiden
A ring on her finger
A boat to bear her away
Shining Armor
Please don't run away

Rasamanda, Lady of the Holy War

Scene concept
Holiday Granger :Lady Rasamanda
Lady Rasamanda
Athur trying to look noble
Elliot of Course
Athur trying to make his hair lie down
Take notice Athur

Cartney when he grew up. 
Green Palace
Did I just ruin everyone's life?

Cartney being awesome
Guinevere at Athur's Grave

Lady Rasamanda arriving at the castle

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