Ence. Land of the one city. The military has risen up and over thrown the monarchy and deep within the city the plans of those who would have again the empire are rumbling to life.

The Years 1168 to 1170

Fleeing from the military coup that separated her from her husband and put her and her son on the streets, Queen Bess must find a job, and hide her identity at all costs, even if it means working for a band of thieves in exchange for their silence about her secret.

Kitty didn't mean any harm, really. But now she's accidentally betrayed The Knot -the group of brave activists working to put the king and queen back on the throne- and now  it's beginning to unravel; just when it needs it's unity most.

The Prisoners Harp
Mya, the tiny harpist has been commissioned by both the Military and the Empirialists to find the Prisoner's Harp, a treasure she doesn't even know the nature of but must find without betraying her loyalty to the Knot...or getting killed.
The Chimney Letters
Fleeing across the roofs of Ence Mya finds something that will uncover the true story of the Encen Empire, a story that the Old Man will stop at nothing to reverse.

Time is running out for The Knot and if they cannot convince the people of their need to work together and uncover the past, History will as it so often does- repeat itself.  

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