Tolamay is meant to be read first {even though I'm not writing it first}. It is the truth behind the Arthurian legends brought over to England by refugees fleeing Tolamay. There it was married to other tales and other legends creating a rich story that is as British as crumpets and tea. But the original is worth knowing too, and here it is.

The Years 409 to 440
Kay always thought he would be the nest king. But when his dying father chooses his younger brother instead, Kay is hurt. Idealistic and naive Athur leads the country into war. It looks like it's up to kay to save the day but will this get him his throne back?

As war breaks upon the Meri young king Athur finds his ideals  sorely tested; as the people refuse to listen to him the question begins to rise in his mind, should I really be the king? Or did the riddle speak of another?

Shining Armor
Tolamay is at last united. Politically that is. As far as beliefs go it is still war torn. And out of the confusion there comes one woman who is ready to lead them all to a glorious victory. But some wonder, is there such a thing as a holy war?

Lively, headstrong princess Guinevere discovers the garden boy's secret and her heart at the same time, now the question is should she follow them or her duty?

The Care of A King
The empire is collapsing and the four caretakers of the eight year old king must get him to safety as armies, mobs and their own pasts seek to block their way. 

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