The Great War

And now there is no going back. War is upon them all, spreading farther than any war has gone before in these islands. We have come full circle now, it is time to decide what the dying Gawain really meant by "The once and future King."

The Years 1170 to 1175

This is his last chance. If he doesn't start exhibiting some compassion he'll be sent home. It doesn't matter that he's the most brilliant student. At GreatHeart it's compassion that matters most.

The Quest
He is the chosen one. Chosen for perhaps the greatest quest of all time. But all he wants is to save her before time runs out.

The Miners of Oom
For years the Parti people have served the overlords in the mines. Now the war has destroyed their livelihood, but the overlords have not slackened their demands. The time has come to rise.

Paradise. Is there such a thing on earth? The inhabitants of Tolthfield would tell you yes. After all they are living in it. Camelot? Pshh! The but the war is marching onward and sleep cannot last forever.

Before Sundown
The court has met once again. There is no monarchy to call it to order but it has met anyway called up to the grey hall once more by the urgency thrumming through the city. But they do not come alone, with them they bring men women and children from every walk of life in the great city. Even the palace Rats. Even the Prisoners.  The time has come to unite.

Avalon. So many have thought they had it in their grasp. But what did Gawain really mean? Nation pitted against nation and brother against brother five heroes will rise, each with their own idea of Avalon.

"He was our King once and if He wills He will be our future king."

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