Akow was once the conqueror and is now the conquered. The Britons who rose against the Romans the Parti and Lempi spirits refuse to be broken. This is their story from the eyes of those who made history with their actions.

The Years 1084 to 1087
Mine to Me
A mute slave boy find himself suddenly possessed of an opertunity for freedom. But he is all his outlawed and nameless master owns, how can he leave the man with nothing?

Father's War
Adimus will do anything to protect his daughter from the coming war. The previous one took his wife's mind and heart, but as his own heart is drawn more and more to the cause of his people he begins to wonder if perhaps what she really needs to be protected from is him.

The Horn-Song
Two great leaders have arisen calling for their people to rally around them, calling for right against many wrongs.  As the horn-song goes out into all Akow, a young swordsman finds himself caught between his mother's and his father's people.

The Such-Thing
It has been in the family for generations, they wear it's mark upon them and now it is gone and Nrogara is thrown into chaos. The culprit is sent out away from the safety of the white cliffs to find it. Alone in the world for the first time Dulce sets her face to meet what comes, be it war... or justice.

The Queen's Choice
An old lullaby speaks of the time when her people ruled all that was before them. Now a terrible choice faces the queen, shall her people lose their hope or their lives?

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