Jarece takes place some 400 years later and is the story of the Jarecen people's fight for freedom from the oppression of the conquering Part/Lempi peoples.

The years 822 to 827 

Hidden Book
When princess Beatrice finds a Bible she unlocks the door to a wild she never dreamed of; a world of secrets and hushed voices and a hope that God will someday deliver them from the oppressors: Beatrice's family.

Hidden Fire
Idly curious as to what her sister Beatrice is hiding, Katherine follows her; but instead of discovering her sisters secret she finds the underground and it's fascinating dangerous struggle for freedom.

Hidden Band
Ambitious princess Helena is detirmined to be her father's successor and she will do anything, even betray her sisters, to gain the throne. But when her father questions her own loyalty, Helena must prove herself by penetrating the mysterious secret of Rhob en Hood.

Hidden Doubts
Quiet pliable princess Julia is married by proxy to the rebel leader in hopes that she will stop him and his cause; torn between her father, her husband and her sisters, Julia is forced to do the one thing she hates: make descisions.

All his life Justice  has been readied for the day when he woul save his people now the moment is at hand. Geleche shall be avenged.


  1. Hidden Fire sounds really good!
    - God's Little Teacup

    1. I'm fond of it too. The heroine reminds me of myself a lot.