Selkin is the story of one nation's journey from the darkness of sin to the light of the gospel as seen through the eyes of those who God used to make it happen. 

The Years 1004 to 1024

A Legend of Honesty
A truth seeking outcast must join forces with a betrayed highwayman to find the only people left on Selkin who know the difference between right and wrong before the theif's men find them.

The Point of No Return
When an army attacks and kills the defenseless a redemption seeking outcast must face his own lack of assurance as a war challenges his newfound understanding of right and wrong.

Closer than a Brother
When Roddy and Will meet on opposite sides of the battlefield Roddy must face the difference between his ideals and the gospel as the ever deepening war forces them into a world of survival of the fittest.

As a new terror, the plague, grips Selkin the war redoubles its fury tossing about lives like leaves in a storm and pulling the people down to the last and most terrible battle of all.

The Sorting Out
Preaching the gospel, caring for the sick and unsnarling the government, Roddy, Eric, and Will are seeing their faith constantly put to the  test; but when tragedy strikes close to home they must face once and for all the meaning of the words "thy will be done".

 Two cousins, one to live and one to die, the sickness is hereditary and there is no way out. And then the nightmare gets worse. The girls were switched at birth and the one who thought she was free will die and the one who was dying will live. 

Rachel and Lionheart
Going to find her husband Rachel finds a grave. Captured by pirates and held until she will tell them of her faith the young widow must find that the Lionheart is not the one who clings to the past  but the one who stands fast in the present.

  Honest Legend
The Bringers of darkness have gone up the mountain. The crofters live in mortal dread now of the great darkness  which legend says will come down the mountain like a consuming fire. In accordance with the legends lots are drawn and one boy is sent up the mountain to slay the darkness armed only with old scraps of prophecy. What he finds there brings the whole culture of darkness that the crofters believed in tumbling around his ears. Fearful to give up his hero status the chosen one covers up what he has found and tells the tail of slain  darkness. But the truth will out and sooner or later he will have to face that it is only the truth which makes free. 

Magistrate's Daughter
She was angry that he left to chase down his leader. Angry that he was slow in proposing to her. She loved him but she married another. And now her husband is dead and their baby daughter must be cared for. As war tares Selkin apart she must make a living out of the few skills she has and try if she can to find the one man she still loves: Nicolas Ambrose. 


  1. I can't wait for Closer than a Brother!! :) Is it the book that comes directly after The Point of No Return? (I think it must because that is how you have it listed?) :)
    -God's Little Teacup

    1. Yup! November hopefully! Which means print copy by May {but of course you can read the document one if you want it sooner}

  2. I would love that! :)
    - God's Little Teacup